Top 5 best open world PC Games in 2021

Top 5 best open world PC Games in 2021

In this article we gone discuss about the top 5 best pc games which played worldwide and with huge amount of graphics.

1.GTA V-

Top 5 best open world PC Games in 2021

Grand theft auto is the best ever pc game. This is a 2013 action game and this is published by the famous Rockstar games. This is an open world game. The players freely roam in San Andreas country side and Los Santos, based on the real city Los Angeles. In this game players can complete missions and outside of the missions players may freely roam in the open world and do a lot of things. Players use firearms, melee weapons and explosives like bomb and Molotov to fight with enemies. You can download this game from Steam or On windows or on apple store.

2.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game is an action game which is developed and also published by the polish developer CD project Red and is based on the series of The Witcher of fantasy novels. This is also a sequel of the witcher 2.this game released worldwide on 19th may 2015.
Players can roam in the open world.
Players control the Geralt of Rivia. A monster slayers who is known as a Witcher, runs,rolls,geralt walks and dodges,climbs,swims,jumps.He also has many variety of weapons including two swords and a crossbow,bombs.His one sword is made with steel and other one is silver. This game has responsive, Advanced AI and dynamic environments.
This game is available in windows store, apple store.

3.Red Dead Redemption 2

Top 5 best open world PC Games in 2021

RDR 2 is a very good adventures game which is developed and published by the Rockstar game. The game is the 3rd part of red dead redemption series. The story based in 1899 western, Midwestern and southern United States. The story also follows gang member john marston and the protagonist of the RDR. The game released PS 4, xbox one in oct 26,2018 and in windows nov 5,2019.
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very interesting action & adventure game. This game is also set for open world environment so can anyone play.
The game focuses heavily on player choice for the story and the missions, the players may engage in combat using firearms, explosives or throwables.
The players may also take part or witness in the random events which is encountered from exploring the game world. The game focuses in heavily on player’s choice for the story and its missions.

4.Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

This is a 3rd person tactical shooter game which is developed by Ubisoft Paris & Ubisoft Milan and published by the Ubisoft. It’s release date was on march 7,2017 worldwide for windows, Xbox one and PlayStation 4. This is the first open world game in ghost recon series.
Players can play as members of the company which name is Delta,5th special forces Group, and also knows as “Ghosts”. This game is based on gear and weapons commonly used by the military forces. However it’s also features some original equipment’s like drones which can be used to spot enemies & Show objects. This game consists of nine Different types of terrain- forests, salt flats, mountains, deserts. This game introduces you a dynamic weather system.

5.Forza Horizon 4

Top 5 best open world PC Games in 2021

This is a racing video game which is developed by the playground games & published by Microsoft Studios. Forza horizon was released on 2 oct 2018 on Microsoft windows and Xbox One. This game is set in a fictionalized representation of areas of Great Britain. This is the fourth part of Horizon series. This is also a open world game but this is a racing game based in a fictionalized great Britain, this game features a dynamic weather system. It also depicts the change of seasons. This game features over 700+ cars. Players will get the opportunity to buy in game houses which unlock new items game perks, cars. Including the horizon promo and ability to fast travel anywhere on the map.
Forza Horizon 4 received in “universal acclaim” for the Xbox One version, while the PC version received in “generally favorable” reviews.

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