Quantum computing, It’s advantages and disadvantages.


Quantum computing, It’s advantages and disadvantages.


First of all, the question arises, what is quantum computing? Do we need quantum computing? If yes then what are the advantages and disadvantages of quantum computing.

This method is the use of quantum mechanical phenomenon comprising superposition and entanglement to perform computation. A specially designed quantum computer is also used to perform these types of computation and it can be implemented theoretically and practically. 

The most powerful designed computer is still not that powerful to solve complex tasks like providing precise weather patterns and breaking long encryption codes. The quantum computer is expected to give amazing results. But there are always some demerits companied with merits. There are also some demerits of quantum computing that we will discuss in this post. 

The advantages of quantum computing

  • There have been shown that it will have all the abilities that a classical computer has and can perform all the tasks of a classical computer.
  • The main advantage of this quantum computing is that it can execute any task very faster. But all the tasks performed by a classical computer can not be done better with quantum computing. 
  • Qubit is the conventional superposition state in the quantum computer thus it takes advantage of exponential speed up and can handle several calculations. 
  • One more advantage of quantum computing is also a classical algorithm calculation. These calculations can also be performed easily similar to a classical computer. 
  • The method can be employed to speed up the development of drugs and that can improve the chemical industry and can even suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. 
  • This technique can be used to enhance radar stealth technology. 
  • We are expecting the use of quantum computing in the creation of new pharmaceuticals. 
  • This technique is believed to be used in cryptography that will ensure more secure data encryption. 
  • It can be used to better predictions about the weather pattern. 
  • A mathematician can also take benefit from this technique and use it in their field for better optimization. 
  • This technique can also make Google search engine to show the most relevant searches.  

The disadvantage of quantum computing

  • The major disadvantage currently is the technology that we need to implement a quantum computer is still not available. The major reason is the damage of consistent electrons as they affect by the environment. These electrons are much necessary for the functioning of quantum computers. 
  • There is continuous research for this problem but all the efforts that are applied to identify the solution are having no positive progress. 
  • Another main disadvantage of this technique is the price. It is going to be expensive and most small businesses can’t afford such an expensive machine.     
  • As per theoretical research, this technique has the power to hack even the nuclear codes. What will be the result if it gets in illegal hands?

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Quantum computing is in its early stages and scientists believe that technology requires more effort of years. Currently, we need to move away from the experiments in which scientists can merely observe the phenomenon to experiment where they can control this phenomenon.    

So these were all the advantages and disadvantages of quantum computing. Hope this article helps you. 

Thank you 

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