One plus 8 Features, specifications and release date

One plus 8 Features, specifications and release date

One plus 8 Features, specifications and release date

In the year 2019, One plus typically announced some couples of smartphones. The company announced two options of Smartphone- the one plus 7 and One plus 7 Pro and also two options of “T” version that are The one plus 7T and One Plus 7T pro. 

This year, we are also expecting that Oneplus is stepping up the pace. The company is speculated to announce the One Plus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro. 

Herewith this article, we are going to leak everything that we know about this upcoming launch. 

Oneplus 8 release date

One plus 8 Features, specifications and release date

Based on past reports that one plus has followed for years, we are expecting the launch of Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro in late spring and early summer. 

As the last two launched were in May 2018 and 2019, so we are expecting My 2020 to be a good guess. 

Expected price:

We are expecting two phones but some are guessing for one more Oneplus 8 lite. Based on the price of its predecessors, we can expect the price of Oneplus 8 to cost not less than $599. 

We are not anticipating the Oneplus 8 pro to cost less than $699. However, some rumors are guessing about Oneplus 8 lite proving some cheaper option. This is is just a guess of someone how much it would be. 

Design and display

The Oneplus 7 pro introduced a pop-up Selfie camera while the One plus 7 did not. There was the teardrop notch in it. 

As per the early leak, we are expecting the Oneplus 8 will come with a punch hole on the top left corner for the front-facing camera. 

It is also expecting that the pop-up camera feature in the Pro version will be removed to make more room for features like wireless charging. 

One plus 8 Features, specifications and release date

According to a big leak, the One plus 8 Pro will offer you a 6.7-inch screen and will have a 120 HZ refresh rate which is comparable to Samsung Galaxy S20. 

The one plus 8 and one plus 8 lite will have a 6.44-inch screen and will offer you a 90Hz refresh rate. 

All of these will have a Super AMOLED display. 


As per some sources, the one plus 8 Pro will introduce a fourth rear camera and will also introduce a time of flight depth sensor to the trio of main, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. While some rumors are questioning the presence of an extra lens.

According to a huge leak, the one plus 8 and one plus 8 pros will come with 60 MP camera and 16 MP camera and 13 MP on the pro and 12 MP on the base device. 

The one plus 8 lite is expected to have 48 MP main camera and then the same 16 MP and 12 MP combo as in One plus 8. 

The front camera on both One plus 8 and 8 pros will have 32 MP camera. The one plus 8 lite will offer a 16MP camera in the front. 

One plus lite is expected to be a budget smartphone, that fact of three rear cameras may seem surprising. 

Battery life

According to a big leak, the Oneplus 8 pro will have 4,500mAH battery and the others will offer you 4,000mAH power packs. 

Solid chances are suggesting wireless charging feature. 

Specs and features

  • Based on some trustworthy resources, we got to know that One Plus 8 and One plus 8 pros will have the upcoming Snapdragon 865 chipset. 
  • The lite version will be powered with Media Tek 1000 processor and the chipset in this version will also won’t have the same speed as the snapdragon. 
  • As both One plus, 7 and One plus 7 Pro had 5G version, so we can expect One Plus 8 pro 5G. There are solid chances that the one plus 8 and 8 pro will have a 5G option.  
  • The Ram is expecting to be of the only 8GB in one of the models. 

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Here we leaked all we know and heard about this new upcoming launch. Please like, share, and comment on the excitement you are having for this upcoming launch. 

thank you   

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