One click to Transfer Whatsapp data from ios to android

One click to Transfer Whatsapp data from ios to android Transfer by Dr.fone Wondershare

One click to Transfer Whatsapp data from ios to android Transfer by Dr.fone Wondershare

In this article, we are gifting you with a software that will not only help you to transfer your Whatsapp but will also offer you the great way to backup and restore your Whatsapp. 

Here in this article, we are talking about the app by Mobiletrans that will offer you the most efficient way that enables you to transfer your Whatsapp data. With this software, you can not only transfer your Whatsapp from Android to iPhone but this application also enables you to backup Whatsapp to the computer. You can also restore the backup data whenever you need it. 

Let’s discuss some features offered by Mobiletrans that will help you to take control of your Whatsapp

You will get power to transfer Whatsapp between Android and iPhone

Are you upgrading to the iPhone? Do you need some app that can transfer your Whatsapp to iPhone? The app that we are discussing will help you to transfer your Whatsapp chat to your new iPhone.

This app will make transferring Whatsapp from Android to iPhone so easy as a swipe of your finger. This app has a power that can perfectly copy and merge your Whatsapp chat history on your new phone. 

This app will allow you to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android and iPhone to iPhone. 

iPad and iPod are also compatible with this great software. 

Restore WhatsApp Backup to Android/ iPhone

This app will empower you to restore Whatsapp data to your phone any time as you backed-up your Whatsapp. This app will make you restore your Whatsapp to any device.

This application is helpful in restoring the Whatsapp backup of one device to another.

With this application, you can transfer and backup every Whatsapp content that can be Whatsapp message, Whatsapp photos, Whatsapp videos, and Whatsapp attachments.  

This software enables you to backup Whatsapp chat history to the computer and it includes personal chats and group conversation. 

With the help of this software, you can export all images that include your profile pictures, photos in chat history and will even export all the stickers. 

This software is helpful in transferring all kinds of Whatsapp videos from your mobile to your computer and will help you to save more space. 

This software is pro in extracting all attachments from Whatsapp chat history to your computer and will prevent you from any serious data loss.  

With this application, you can backup your Whatsapp data to the computer. 

Your Whatsapp may have some important messages and media files. We recommend you to always back up your Whatsapp to a computer with this application. This tool can work both with Android and iPhone and will prevent you from any unwanted data loss scenario. 

This application can smoothly backup Whatsapp chats, media files, attachments, and videos. 

It will allow you to read your Whatsapp chat and attachments directly to your computer.   

This application will make your transfer between multiple devices

This application has a feature to support multiple devices that allow you to move your Whatsapp data between different phones, it does not matter whether they run on iOS or Android. 

This application works smoothly with all major mobile brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola and many more. 

3 Ways to transfer Whatsapp

This application offers you 3 ways that will help you to transfer your Whatsapp. 

These are:

Transfer Whatsapp from android to iOS.

Backup Whatsapp to PC

Restore Whatsapp from backup.


First, of all you need to launch Mobile Trans: After installing this app, open the application and choose the “Whatsapp transfer” and then click on “backup Whatsapp Messages”. 

Your next step will be to connect your phone to the computer: As you connect your phone to the computer, the data in your Whatsapp will be automatically detected. 

The last step is to transfer Whatsapp messages: You just need to click on “Start” on the dashboard and it will backup your Whatsapp to the computer.  

So these were some simple steps that can help you to transfer your Whatsapp.  

How to transfer Whatsapp conversation to new iPhone:

This app will enable you to transfer Whatsapp messages to your new iPhone. 

All you need is just to launch Mobile Trans on your computer and navigate to “Whatsapp transfer”. Now connect your both old and new iPhone with a USB cable to the computer. 

After this, the mobiletrans software will display both the phones on your computer. In the last, select conversation to transfer and click on “start” to transfer your data.   


The Mobiletrans software is not just limited to Whatsapp transfer. It is also helpful in transferring your Kik messages, image files and attachments and can transfer all major types of data.

You can also use this app to back up your line chat and will also help you in restoring Line chat history without any trouble. 

This is a great application that can support the backup and have to restore features of chat history, files, and contacts for Viber on Android and iPhone. 

This device is multitasking and will also help you in backup WeChat data to your computer and can restore WeChat history to your phone.  

Hope this article helps you. Please do like, share and comment on your reviews regarding this application. 

Thank you  

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