iPhone 12 features, specifications and release date

iPhone 12 leak release

Every year apple comes with exciting latest models of iPhone. So you should also be excited this year for the new upgrade.  

Apple is planning to bring a big upgrade to the iPhone this year. Here we are uncovering some features for iPhone 12. 

Iphone 12 release
Iphone 12 release

The expected release date for iPhone 12 

According to the assumption and market state, iPhone 12 will be in the market in September 2020. 

As iPhone 11 was available for preorder on 13, September 2019 on Friday, we can assume that Apple is going to follow the same pattern every year. 

This gave us a clue, that we can expect iPhone 12 on or around the same dates in 2020. 

Nothing is confirmed yet, so it’s good to give the date in pencil.  

The only thing that we can say with certainty is there we be a great demand for iPhone12 outside the Apple store. 

Apple iPhone 12 Design

Apple Company always launches its new phone with extraordinary design and ultimate features. 

According to rumors, we are guessing, that this time Apple is going to launch iPhone 12 with a new design.  

We can’t surely reveal what the design might be. We are only guessing that this time, the iPhone 12 will show square edges as compared to round edges. 

As per information by supply source, the phone will be slightly large but thinner than the 2019 model. You may get a large display on iPhone 12.

 Also, we can guess reduced or no notch for iPhone new models. We are also expecting the frosted matte glass rear similar to 11 pros. 

The accommodation for Face ID is completely puzzled.

We have also heard that this time, Apple will launch four iPhone modes, two will be for pro and two will be for the regular model. 

iPhone 12 features

iPhone 12 new display

Currently, iPhone models are having 60hz refresh rates. According to some reputable leakers, we are expecting iPhone 2020 model with a 120Hz refresh rate. This feature will make the interaction feel smoother. As some phones are already having refresh rates more than 60hz, so it is an acceptable rumor.

We also have heard more than once, that iPhone 2020 model will use the form of OLED. This is thinner and also cheaper. So we can also expect fewer prices, but not sure about anything. 

iPhone 12 expecting a prize

iPhone 11 was in an affordable price range while the pro model was quite expensive. 

Mostly phone having capability of 5G that have arrived in past years is quite expensive than their conventional models. The cost of Galaxy S10 5G starts at $1299 and Galaxy note 10 Plus 5G also costs similar $1299. 

As apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo hints in a positive way that they are not planning to increase the price of 5G iPhones. We are expecting 30$ and 100$ bump based on a specific version. 

Iphone 12 release
Iphone 12 release

iPhone 12 specs 

The biggest change that we may get in the 2020 model of iPhone is in the form of 5G and this is the most potent rumor about iPhone 12. 

iPhone battery life is already impressive and satisfactory, stile we are hearing rumors, that Apple is going to extend battery performance in its new 2020 iPhone model. 

Ram is also having the possibility of getting a boost. There is a claim that the iPhone 2020 model will have 6GB of the stuff. 

iPhone 5G

This 2020 model of iPhone is expecting to be 5g model and it may come with 5G networking capability.  

This means that people who hate slow downloads or low network should switch to iPhone 12 and can enjoy faster downloads. 

Camera features in upcoming 2020 model of iPhone  

There was a triple-lens rear camera on iPhone 11 and 11 pros. We are expecting the same to continue in the 2020 model of the iPhone. 

We are also hearing rumors that this time, Apple will add one more lens. 

There may be a feature of time-of-flight that will have more ability to accurately judge distances. This feature will make you create amazing bokeh effects.  

There might be upgraded in camera also. This time we can expect laser-powered- 3D powered camera. Many leakers are agreeing with 3D sensing in-camera while one leaker is also mentioning about lasers. Some are also mentioning a depth-sensing snapper. 

Apple is also preparing to introduce periscope like telescope lens. It will offer you a longer zoom range. 

iPhone 12 Touch ID in the display

There are rumors that the new model of the iPhone 12 will come with Touch ID back in a big way. This will enable fingerprinting recognition anywhere on the display.  

There are also possibilities that iPhone 2020 model will come with Face ID and Touch ID feature. 

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