Infosys not sending Offer Letter to the candidates – 2021

Infosys not sending Offer Letter to the candidates – 2021

Infosys Candidates Waiting For Offer Letter

In this article I am going to share my personal experience which happened with me while hiring in Infosys. I know may of the cancidates still waiting for waiting For Offer Letter from Infosys.

So below is the frequently asked questions from Infosys Candidates which I am going to answer here.

Q1. How Infosys recruit candidates ?

Ans :- Infosys hire from many different platforms, They recruit candidates from College Campus ( only for Freshers) ,, and some from 3rd party consultancy firm. If you recruit from then you might get better package compare to hire form other platforms.

Q2. In how many days Infosys generates offer letter ?

Ans :- Its really depend on the recruitment team, some time they generate offer letter in 15 days and sometime it takes up to 60 days.

Q3. Infosys HR asked me for documentation, does it mean am I selected ?

Ans:- No, providing documents to Talent acquisition team only does not mean that you are selected. There are many factors depends in the hiring process even after proving all the documents for verification.

Q4. I have attended the Infosys interview and operational manager said I am selected but ever after 3 weeks I didnt got any mail from Infosys team to send my documents ?

Ans :- In Infosys hiring process is little bit lengthy compared to other organization, If the operational manager selected you then you definitely receive the mail for documentation but it may take unto 45 days.

Q5. I have submitted my documents but still did not receive any update from HR and already 1 month passed.

Ans :-  As I already mentioned that, hiring process in Infosys little bit lengthy compared to other organization, so In this case you need to follow up with your hiring manager and HR if you didn’t got any update after 45 days.

Hope in this article I covered all the frequent asked questions by Infosys candidates , if you have any question regarding hiring process in Infosys then you can feel free to ask in the comment section.

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Deepak Poddar
Deepak Poddar
22 days ago

I also waiting for the offer letter

Satish Ramanuj
Satish Ramanuj
22 days ago

Worst company

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