Impact of automation to the retail industry (with employment point of view)

Impact of automation to the retail industry (with employment point of view)

Impact of automation to the retail industry (with employment point of view)

Robots and other automation technologies are wrenching jobs of retail workers and around jobs of half of the retail workers are at risk. 

It is estimated that around 6 million out of 7.5 million retail jobs will be automated in the coming years and it will leave a huge portion of the retail workforce at risk of becoming stranded workers. 

The future of retail workers is already uncertain because of the closure of stores at today’s rates not seen since the recession. As per reports, around 3,400 stores have closed this year and it is expected that the number o closure of stores to grow to more than 8,600 before the end of this year. 

The retail industry pays low but is employing peoples of all age groups. When these workers will lose their job, it will be difficult for them to find other employment. 

Now we will talk about the automation services that are the cause of disaster in retail industry’s employments and these ranges from a tablet where customers get the facility to checkout without the help of cashier to many complicated technologies including robots that can even interact with customers in stores and guide them find the item they need.

However, some good news and also new job opportunities will arrive same like previously at the time of 1970-1980 when all the banking sectors are computerised from the manual handentry works at that time peoples also thought same like it will create job crisis in the Banking sectors, but lucking its impacted completely opposite of that, now in the banking sector more job opportunities are there compared to time of manual works.

How manual works relate to excel and recurring jobs will be terminated

So, manual works like processing the same work everyday or doing repeatable task, which will replace by Bots, now bots will work this kid of work by RPA(Robotic Process Automation).

Industries like Automation anywhere, UiPath , Blue-Prism and many mores are dedicatedly working to exclude the Non-Value added work or repeated Value added work to be done by Robotic automation.

Many of the retail Industry, BPO and ITES industries already started adopting this technology to reduce there manual effort. But in the other side it also creating a new opportunity for developers , accountants and many more positions.

Now the things is you have to learn something new and apply the same in the work fields,. There are new job opportunity of Data Scientist, Data analyst currently available in the many corporate sector.

The impact of automation is also on the restaurant industry. Now it is expected that the machine can replace human workers in the coming 10 years. 

Looking at the rate of automation, I believe that probably by the mid or the end of ’20s, the machines will run the world.  

This are the some small picture about the Impact of automation to the retail industry (with employment point of view).

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