Google Pixel 5 News upcoimg features and release date

Google Pixel 5 News and leak

This phone is the successor of Pixel 4 that was launched last year. 

The first renders of Pixel 5 XL have leaked and it shows off the unique looking design for this latest phone. 

YouTuber Jon Prosser who first leaked the news for the look of Google’s Pixel 5, revealed the first alleged render of this latest upcoming Google pixel device. He claimed in his video that this is among the three prototypes render. This provides the hint that the render you are looking may or may not materialize as a Google Pixel 5. We also get the hint that there is a great chance of the design is new and unique, not used before. 

The leak tells much about the back of the phone and it is enough to tell a lot about the phone. 

This render will offer you a unique look. According to the report, the phone will keep the same textured finish on both the frames and rear glass. 

As for the leak about the camera, there are three on the Pixel 5 render. It is also expected that one of the cameras will be powered with an ultra-wide-angle. 

There is still no idea how the phone will look from the front. We are just expecting that the motion-sensing will make a return. We hope that the google contains the hardware into a small bezel and will add some more new features.

Pixel 5

We are also expecting that Android 11 may debut on the Pixel 5.

The two other prototypes have a square camera setup similar to current Pixel 4. These other two prototype sound more closure to the Google Pixel 4 range. They will come with a more conventional square camera block on the rear. 

This was supposed to released in October 2020 and many pixel fans are awaiting for that.

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