Android 10 vs iOS 13 Depth comparison

Android 10 vs iOS 13 Depth comparison

Are you confuse between two platforms, Android and iPhone? It is difficult to compare the two best platforms, but still, we are presenting you some points justifying the comparison between the two best platforms of Apple and Android. 

Android 10 vs iOS 13 Depth comparison

In case of apps:

We are presenting you with the number of apps that you can get in Google’s play store and Apple’s App Store.

In the Android Play store, you will get around 2.7 million apps. 

In Apple’s app store, you will get around 2.2 million apps. 

Android 10 vs iOS 13 Depth comparison
Android 10 vs iOS 13 Depth comparison

The numbers of apps are not that important as we use only a handful of apps. And both the platform provides you access to download the most popular apps. In first, iOS was supposed to provide a more lucrative platform to developers and there was a tendency that all apps appear first in-app store. But now even the android platform is also providing a growing platform to developers so the tendency is now changing. 

The percentage of free apps is more on play store but the best mobile apps still land first on the iOS app store. Some time great apps even not come to play store. 

Finally, we consider quality lead over quantity and so we narrowly prefer iOS over Android.        


This is another major criteria where we can judge the better platform. 

Most of the phones launched by Apple lie in the high end of the market in terms of pricing. However, Apple just launches the iPhone X that changes the whole stereotype with a starting price of $1000, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in an affordable range. iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are phones in a more affordable range. 

But in case of the absolute scale and variety, none can compete Android. You will get lots of options like Samsung Galaxy. The price of the Samsung galaxy is almost similar to that of the iPhone but you can go for many cheap handsets. 

There are multiple manufacturers and the platform is also deliberately optimized to run on low-end hardware. Also, free apps are more on play store. 

So here, in this case, we account for Android better than Apple’s product. 


In early, the navigation system in Apples’ phones was not that great but now it has improved significantly. All the key features are similar in both kinds of platforms. You can download offline maps, maps offer you accurate estimates based on traffic, and can easily get directions for driving and walking. 

Google map additionally offers you cycling direction that is not available on Apple’s map. 

We recommend Google map though it is great in iOS also. But the android is better as it has a default navigation system. 

Organization of apps

The organization of millions of apps and games is no easy task. Both of Android play store and apple’s app store can perfectly perform this organization. Overall, the Apple play store offers a better browsing experience and does a great job by recommending your curated recommendation. 

The fact of buying an app with the help of fingerprint or via touch ID is great in iPhones but this can also be set for play store in Android phones. 

Questionable apps are present in both platform but Apple is more strict in blocking them. This is great if we are talking about overall quality. 

We recommend iOS for its usability and curated content. 

Alternating apps stores and sideloading

In android phones, you can easily sideload apps. You can easily download APKs and you will also get many other android apps platforms other than Playstore. But this sideloading can risk your phone to the risk of malware. 

Apple is strict in the case of third-party apps.  

We recommend Android over Apple for those who want more access to sideloading apps.

Battery life and charging

This is a major complaint by every android user. We can not compare this fact among these two platforms as both are having different hardware. 

We can prefer for iOS as it is optimized to squeeze the most out of the battery, but the android phone is also great as it offers you a much bigger battery. 

Android will also allow you to see, how much your battery will last. Both of this phone offers you power-saving modes that help you to extend your battery life. 

The android phone offers you additional benefits of fast charging. In iPhone, you can also go for fast charging but for that, you will need to have a fast-charging adaptor separately. So we recommend you Android for a better battery.


This is among the best strength of Android’s device. You can easily personalize your Android device like you can set the layout of your choice and can add the widget. You can also add shortcuts and can even change your entire user interface with launchers. 

In iPhone, you will get access to change the background but it offers limited support for the widget. You will not get the same level of freedom as in Android. 

If you love to get a truly unique and customized group for your home screen, then Android is a platform for you. 


Apple has a great feature of offering consistent and timely updates and security patches. The same experience of iPhone you will get in Google’s Pixel Android phone. 

Around 50% of all devices powered with iOS are offering you the latest version.

iOS is a platform for those who prefer the latest features and it also fixes all the bugs and offers you security updates.  


This is the most controversial category. In the past, we could say that the iPhone is best int his category but now the scenario has changed. 

Many of the Android devices offer you great camera quality, still, there is fair bit variation in camera quality of many mid-ranged devices and iPhone cameras. 

This feature is very good on both platform but iOS will win the cake for ease of use and best result without tweaking. 


There is no confusion in saying that iOS offers the most secure platform and also offer best protect user privacy. Even security features are great by Android also. 

But if you bother for the best security, then the iPhone is your phone.   

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So these are some points justifying the comparison of two platforms that are Android and iOS. Please like, share and comment on the platform you would prefer. 

Thank you 

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